Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 2nd Global Experts Meeting on Infectious Diseases | Radisson Hotel Narita | Tokyo, Japan.

Day 2 :

Conference Series Infectious Diseases Meet 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker Yoshinori HAYAKAWA photo

Yoshinori Hayakawa has engaged in medical physics. He developed simultaneous neutron monitoring system for Boron-Neutron-Capture-Therapy. He has measured, first in the world, acoustic pulse generated in the body of treated patient by pulsed proton beam. The phenomenon may be used to monitor dose distribution in patients. He is interested in researches on human wellbeing. He has developed Four Arithmetic Operations with Lines, New Abacus Numerals, and Universal Literacy Alphabet for improving basic education to reduce poverty. These can be observed in youtube without payment. He insists use of plant factory and space-based solar electric power generation against global cooling.



Universal Influenza Vaccine is proposed and under development ( ). Universal Vaccine seems not to be payable for many people in developing countries, ( dangerous pandemics usually start at developing countries from bird influenza ). Artificial Pandemics by Infectious Attenuated Live Vaccine are proposed by the Author ( ). Ferret nasal mucosa is carcinized using carcinogen for easiness of incubation. Bird influenza virus is attenuated by reverse genetics. The virus is marked by green fluorescent protein. This attenuated virus is sprayed to many cultured cancer cell specimen incubated. In some specimen attenuated virus will mutated to increase in cancer cells, checked by green fluorescence. Then the virus is tested to infect ferret and then human volunteers without serious syndrome. Virus with strongest virus titer to infect ferret is selected as seed virus of infectious attenuated live vaccine. The seed virus will be increased in incubated cancer cells by bioreactors all over the world and sprayed to vulnerable people, e.g., soldiers, students, people in slams, medical staffs, and people engaged in lifeline. Artificial pandemics of dangerous virus as H7N9, H5N1 etc., are to be created serially with few years interval. Artificial pandemic should be initiated before wild type pandemic starts.One reason is to avoid reassortment (mixture) of virus RNA and another is to avoid clinical confusion. It should not overlap with influenza season.